Building a business can be a task and knowing how to properly build your business for longevity and profit can be a task within itself. 

Services Include Business Consulting, Business Plan Building, Business Building Suite, Real Estate Line Of Credit, Unsecured Credit Lines/ Cards, Merchant Advance, Equipment-Sale Leaseback, Equipment Leasing, Retirement Account Financing, Inventory Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Enterprise SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Book of Business Financing & Alternative SBA Loans, Private Equity, Securities & Bonds Financing, Business Revenue Financing, Account Receivable Financing and Credit Lines.


We offer business services and financial solutions for the business owner's and entrepreneur's to succeed. From consulting to building your business credit, to securing funding for real estate. We strive to bring the tools you need to have a financially sound business. 

Build Your Business Credit

Learn how to build your business credit using your EIN only. Remove the burden and vulnerability of using your personal credit to build and fund your business. Build credit on all the major business credit bureaus, Dun and Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax.

Ensure your business is set up properly with your own account manager

First we reveal the lending secret formula and help ensure your business is set up credibly to radically increase your chances of approval.

get your Free business reports from Duns, Experian and Equifax, saving up to $600+ monthly

We help you build a business profile and credit score for your business so you can get approved for even more credit in your business name which requires no personal credit check or guarantee

CHoose from our list of lenders for the funding you need with our finance managers

Secure revolving business credit accounts with no personal credit check or guarantee from sources like Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, Staples, BP, Lowes, Homes Depot, Dell and many more

High quality Business solutions

Build your business credit using your EIN and stop using your social today! Experience the benefits of having a business credit profile completely separate and not dependent on your personal credit. Build business credit in as little as 90 days.

Real estate Line Of Credit

Our Real Estate LOC is by far on of the best available in the industry. The flexibility will allow you to venture in any part of the real estate market you want. Easy qualifications and terms make it possible for anyone to become a real estate mogul. $2000.00 application fee

Easy Qualifications

  • Have at least a 620 FICO score or higher
  • 2 Months of banking statements
  • Real estate investment experience, but it is not required

Credit Limits $500k- $10M

Line Of Credit limits start at $500K up to $10M, experience plays a may determining factor in limit amount. Depending on project and experience amounts up to $100M. Case by Case.

Ultimate Flexibility

This LOC can be used for Fix and Flips, Acquisitions, New Constructions, Portfolio Building and Refinancing.

Eliminate Up To 100% Free processing Fees

Merchant Services

Your are now able to charge your customers a service fee, and offer a cash discount!

EXAMPLE: 4% Service Fee – Cost of Processing = $0 Cost to Merchant

Step 1

A 4% service fee is charged on all transactions. However, if your customer pays by Cash they receive a 4% cash discount which will eliminate any fees.

Step 2

The full amount of the sale plus the service fee is deposited into your bank account as early as the next day.


• Keep your prices low

• Increase your bottom line

• Automatic Process 

• Ability to waive fee Benefits

• Encourage cash customers

• $149 setup fee (Waived if setup this month)

Eliminate up to 100% of your Credit Card Processing Fees. Great Choice for Your Customers 


Ask how to receive your first terminal for FREE! Options that can fit every business type whether you are a brick and mortar or an eCommerce store online, we've got you covered


We pride ourselves in providing quality services. Our goal is to add value with every interaction and meeting. By building meaningful relationships with our clients we learn exactly how to help your situation!


We have many funding solutions available that will help you with you business funding needs. Below are some of our top funding programs. We couldn't feature them all. Financing options also include Unsecured Credit Lines/ Cards, Merchant Advance, Equipment-Sale Leaseback, Equipment Leasing, Retirement Account Financing, Inventory Financing, Purchase Order Financing, Enterprise SBA Loans, Commercial Real Estate Financing, Book of Business Financing & Alternative SBA Loans and Credit Lines.

Business Financing


Equity Financing

$150K- $100M

  • 20% of Loan Amount Required is Collateral
  • Rates 8-18%
  •                650 FICO Scores              or Higher
  • Terms- 12 month to 30 yr        


Securities & Bonds Financing
$250K in securities required

  • Up to 90% of Value of Your Stocks & Bonds
  • Rates usually less than 2%
  • Still Earn Interest As Normal on Stocks & Bonds


Business Revenue Financing
$5K- $500K

  • Consistent Revenue Verifiable Through Bank Statements
  • Factor- 1.10-1.45%
  • 500 Credit Score or        Higher
  •         Term- 3-36 months                    


Account Receivable Financing
$5K- $200M

  • Up to 80% of Receivables Can be Advanced Within 24 hours
  • Rates 1.25-3%
  • No Credit Score Requirements
  • Business Must be Open For at Least 1 Year to Qualify


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